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Caytee Clark

with Ink Photography

An interactive adventure style portrait Michigan Photographer using natural light to capture your natural beauty!

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Empower your mind, Discover your shine!

My Story


My name is Caytee Clark and I am an Interactive Portrait/Family Photographer and avid Explorer. 


I am located in Cassopolis, MI but serve both Michigan and nearby Indiana residents. I am willing to travel on occasion, so feel free to ask! 


I'm a passionate adventurer and have been taking pictures since 2009. In 2016, I began working for Pogo Design and Photography and in 2022, I decided to make my dream a reality and opened Ink Photography. 


Ink Photography offers a unique model for capturing memories for families, couples, and individuals. Using an interactive portrait session, I strive to capture moments that radiate your personality and create an exclusive, one-of-a-kind photograph. You will experience, not a traditional photoshoot session, but an adventure in a natural environment. 


I use natural light and beautiful scenery to create a personalized vibe. Whether it's a stroll through a local garden, an escapade through the forest, or an adventure through a nature preserve, I'm ready to provide my clients with precious photographic memories. I strive to capture the unique experiences that we encounter during our session. EVERY session is different because EVERY person, family or group is different! By shining a unique light on the adventure, and you and/or your family's personality, I can provide a photographic memoir that will remind you of our special and charming excursion!


You choose how bold or adventurous your experience is! Personalizing the experience is what makes each shoot unique. As long as the experience radiates your persona and provides an authentic feel to your character, my mission is complete! 


Ink Photography is about exploration, adventure and pushing the boundaries of what photography can be. My personalized sessions will exclusively radiate your personality and are offered in several timed packages to fit your requirements: Stroll (30 minutes), Escapade (60 minutes), Adventure (90 minutes), and Excursion (120 minutes). So come along and let's make some memories together!

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